We have no ambition
to beat any records

We have no ambition to beat any records in the field of amount of clients, arranged tours or in the scale of offered destinations. Our credo is the good old “Less is often more!”

About CK HelL

Our ambition number 1 is to offer people surprising experience of newly discovered even in the already well – known surrounding in which there is nothing to surprise them anymore; to offer experience that will stick in the memory for the rest of their lives; to enable everyone who accept our offer to get to know places and countries visited and take a view of them all by their own senses.

Rediscover discovered!

Our ambition is also to introduce to our fellow countrymen the present time of the countries, which were under the supremacy of the great empire. We’d like to introduce history and the present of Russia and other states of former Soviet Union, walking their own way and forming their lives according to their own ideas now.


We want to represent Slovakia!

Our ambition is also introduce Slovakia to the inhabitants of above mentioned and the other states, because there is not much known about this little state. We’d like to present them our beauties of nature, our history and present, especially from the point of view of short existence of independent state. We’re convinced that there are plenty of experiences waiting for our visitors and they may be the experiences of their lifetime.


Sankt Peterburg – okno Ruska do sveta, otvorené pred 310 rokmi cárom Petrom I! Jednota jedinečností nádher svetskej a duchovnej krásy.